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How Food Ordering Software Can Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

Digitization has engulfed everyone. People want to get their desired things with just a click. And, this is not an exception when it comes to online food ordering.

According to a recent survey, 51% of Americans prefer to get their food through online orders. This huge increase in the number of online orders has made it difficult for restaurateurs to manage the orders and carry out the restaurant work efficiently. That’s where food ordering software comes in.

How Food Ordering Software Can Streamline Your Restaurant Operations

In this blog, we will take you through the benefits of using online ordering software to streamline restaurant operations and increase your sales by 10x.

Firstly, see what food ordering software is

What is Food Ordering Software for Restaurants?

What Is Food Ordering Software For Restaurants

Food ordering software for restaurants is like having a personal assistant for looking after your online orders. It’s an online solution to enable restaurateurs to manage their food ordering process smoothly.

From customers browsing the menu to ordering dishes and making payments online, you can handle everything using such a software.

You should know the challenges that the restaurant industry is facing to decide whether you need to invest in a food ordering software. Also, find out whether you’re facing any of the challenges discussed below.

Key Challenges in Food Ordering and Delivery Management

The thrust and push with which more and more restaurants are coming up every day is increasing the challenges of the restaurateurs, making the industry more competitive. Every restaurant is trying to get more orders on a daily basis. But, when they execute the plan of getting more orders, they face the following challenges:

Difficult Food Ordering Process:

Restaurant owners often use complex food ordering software, which makes it difficult for both the customers and the owners to do food order management effectively. Complex ordering systems may cause customer frustration leading to abandoned orders.

Inaccurate Orders:

Restaurateurs face the order accuracy problem because they cannot manage a wide range of food items efficiently. Consequently, they couldn’t meet customer needs.

Can’t Maintain Inventory:

You need to maintain sufficient levels of food stock and reduce food waste if you want to grow your restaurant fast. This is also a big problem for those in the restaurant industry. The seasonal variations and the fluctuating customer demands makes it difficult for restaurant owners to predict the needs of inventory.

Not Meeting Customer Expectations:

No matter how big your restaurant set up is, if your customers are not satisfied, you won’t be able to make profits in the long run. That’s another big challenge for the restaurateurs. Most of the restaurant owners say that whatever efforts they give, still there’s some gap left in getting and delivering orders and satisfying the customers.

The good news is that every problem has a solution. Here, the name of the solution is- Food Ordering Software. Having a food ordering software will help you bring your dishes to the customers who cannot visit your brick and mortar restaurants.

Additionally, the software can take away your online orders-related headaches. Want to know how? Then, go to our next section.

How Food Ordering Software can Help Restaurants Grow


Food ordering software can transform the way your customers are experiencing dining. This may happen when your customers are busy but feeling hungry. They may go to your website, browse the menus, and place orders with a few clicks on the displayed buttons. You will get the order, deliver it, and make the customer happy. And, this is only a part of what more this single software can do. However, we have not yet mentioned the complete role a food ordering software can play to grow your business.

So, here’re some other ways food ordering software can help a restaurant.

Allows Your Customers to Order Food Easily.

An online food ordering system eases the ordering process for customers. It enables them to place orders from their home, office, or wherever they are. They can conveniently browse menus, choose dishes, and place orders, leading to escalated customer satisfaction, which will make them order from your website repeatedly.

Ensures Accuracy of All Orders Placed Online.

Many times, while placing orders via phone, restaurant staff notes down inaccurate order details. Sometimes, even third-party online ordering apps make mistakes while taking orders leading to customer dissatisfaction. Therefore, the volume of direct orders has increased lately. Using a food ordering system minimizes the risk of human error.

Tracks Inventory to Eliminate Food Waste.

The system enables restaurateurs to track inventory levels so that they can manage food stock through better forecasting. In this manner, it also becomes a cost-saving option by cutting down food wastage. Furthermore, better management of inventory ensures delivery of fresh food items to customers.

Provides an Easy Checkout Process.

Easy checkout process is essential to increase order completion rates. Food ordering software has a user-friendly checkout process containing a single page. They don’t have to fill in their personal and banking details pages after pages, which prevent them from going frustrated and suspicious. It helps customers complete their orders easily and quickly. The faster the ordering process completes, the happier the customer is. This, in turn, brings down cart abandonment rates too.

The online food ordering and delivery process in restaurants is currently at an all-time high and this trend isn’t going to fade anytime sooner. Hence, getting an online food ordering software will be a wise decision if you want to increase your bottom line.

Streamline Your Restaurant Operations with WP Food Manager

Majority of the renowned restaurants have already started using plugins to deal with their daily restaurant operations. If you’re looking for a reliable plugin to strengthen your online presence and handle your various works including online orders, consider WP Food Manager.

WP Food Manager is an all-inclusive food business management plugin. Designed with a simple coding structure, you don’t need a technical bone to use it. From displaying your dishes to accepting online orders and payments, you can do a lot to streamline restaurant operations.

WP Food Manager has several feature-rich plugins to simplify food orders and their delivery processes. If you need any expert’s assistance to make the selection, we can help you out.

Use the Online Order Plugin to Simplify Online Order Management

The Online Order plugin of WP Food Manager helps you take control of your menu, orders, payments, all in one place. This WordPress food ordering plugin is integrated with WooCommerce to ensure secure online transactions.

In addition to it, some other features which makes our Online Order plugin favorite to the restaurant owners are:

  • User-friendly food ordering process
  • Fully responsive
  • 100% order accuracy
  • Order confirmation notification
  • Topping options
  • Food order detail pages
  • Detailed checkout pages

So, what are you waiting for? Get our Online Order plugin, install and activate it to start earning more revenue from today.

Pro Tips

Our Online Order plugin will add your name to the winner’s circle by skyrocketing your sales. To make the plugin give its best, you need our WP Food Manager plugin, and Food Delivery plugin. All these three when working together will not only make your restaurant exist, but thrive.

We value our customers. Therefore, we have maintained absolute transparency when it comes to pricing. If you’re interested in getting our plugins, you can check out our prices.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that using a well-built food ordering software can speed up your restaurant operations, and will enhance its efficiency. Adopting online solutions tailored to the food industry’s needs will help you outperform your competitors and deliver memorable dining experiences.