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Restaurant Review

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The ‘Restaurant Review’ addon helps customers to write reviews of restaurants. 

Note: You should have our ‘Restaurant Manager’ addon to use the ‘Restaurant Review’ addon efficiently.

Installing the Plugin

The installation of the ‘Restaurant Review’ plugin is quick and easy. There are two ways to do it, manual and automatic.

  • Manual Installation: Use FTP or SFTP tools to install the plugin manually. Visit here to learn the process. 
  • Automatic Installation: Access the backend of your website to install the plugin automatically. Visit here to learn the process.

Backend Restaurant Review Management

Managing All Reviews

The ‘All Reviews’ option displays a list of the reviews written on your website for different restaurants. You can manage reviews from here. 

Follow the path mentioned below to access the ‘All Reviews’’ section.

Wp-admin>>Restaurant Review>>All Reviews

How to Edit/Delete a Review from the ‘All Reviews’ Section?

In the “All Reviews” option, you can filter the ratings to show only the reviews, which have received that rating. Moreover, you can edit or delete reviews as per your needs or preferences.

However, you can either delete reviews one by one or delete multiple reviews at a time.

How to Edit/Delete Reviews?

Follow the below-mentioned steps to edit/delete a review.

  • Go to ‘All Reviews’.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants

  • Choose a review you want to edit or delete.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-1

  • Go to the ‘Actions’ column.
  • Click on the ‘Pencil’ icon to edit.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-All Review-Edit
    Admin-All-Restaurants-All Review-Edit-Update

  • Click on the ‘Bin’ icon to delete.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-All Review-Delete

Adding a New Review

The ‘Add New Review’ option allows you to add a new review from the backend.

How to Add a New Review?

Follow the steps mentioned below to add a new review.

  • Go to Wp-admin>>Restaurant Review>>Add New Review
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-2

  • Give a Review title.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-3

  • Write a review.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-10

  • Select a rating from the dropdown.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-11

  • Choose the restaurant name from the dropdown.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-12

  • Publish.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-4

Field Editor

The ‘Field Editor’ option allows you to add, edit, or delete different forms’ fields related to the restaurant review submission process.

How to Add a Field to the Restaurant Review Form?

Take the below-mentioned steps to add a field to the Restaurant Review form.

  • Go to Wp-admin>>Restaurant Review>>Field Editor
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-5

  • Click on ‘Add Field’.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-6

  • Fill in the added fields.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-7

  • Save changes.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-8

How to Edit/Delete a Field from the Restaurant Review Form?

Follow the steps discussed below to edit/delete a field from the Restaurant Review form.

To Edit

  • Go to Wp-admin>>Restaurant Review>>Field Editor
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-5

  • Click on any of the fields you want to edit.
  • Make the required changes.
  • Save changes.
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-8

To Delete

  • Go to Wp-admin>>Restaurant Review>>Field Editor
  • Admin-All-Restaurants-5

  • Go to the extreme right corner of the review field you want to delete.
  • Admin-All Restaurants-13

  • Click on the ‘Cross’ icon.
  • Admin-All Restaurants-14

  • Click on OK from the popup
  • Admin-All Restaurants-15


Adding a New Review

Your customers can write reviews of various restaurants by filling up a simple form on the restaurant detail page.

How to Add a New Review?

Your customers should take the following steps to add a new review.

  • Click on the ‘Restaurants’ tab.
  • Fronted-Restaurants-1

  • Choose the restaurant from the list for which the review will be written.
  • Fronted-Restaurants-2

  • The restaurant detail page will open up.
  • Scroll down to go to ‘Restaurant Review’.
  • Fronted-Restaurants-3

  • Click on  ‘WRITE A REVIEW’ button
  • Fronted-Restaurants-4

  • Fill in the required details.
  • Fronted-Restaurants-5

  • Click on Submit.
  • Fronted-Restaurants-6

Listing Reviews and Average Ratings

  • List of relevant reviews are displayed on each restaurant’s detail page. 
  • Fronted-Restaurants-7

  • Ratings are displayed on the restaurant listing page and restaurant detail pages.
  • Fronted-Restaurants-8

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