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The Food Listings

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To display all the food listings, users need to create a new page from the Pages menu at the Admin Panel and add the shortcode  [foods] or can add the shortcode in the Template file that is attached to the page created.

The shortcode shows the list of your foods along with Search filters.

Food Listing Page set-up:

Create a new page following the below mentioned steps:

WP-admin >> Pages >> New Page

1 [foods]

Food Listing Shortcode
Add a suitable title to it and add the shortcode [foods] inside the content area.

It is recommended for you to paste the shortcode into the ‘text’ view of the visual editor to ensure it gets formatted correctly.

Layout of the food listings

Users get mainly two types of layouts to display all the food listings on the website: Box Layout and List layout.
Filtrable Food Listings Box View
The box layout appears like this in the image:
Filtrable Food Listings List View

The Food Listings Shortcode Attributes

The following are the different attributes that are associated with the food listings

per_page: Defaults to the ‘per page’ option in settings. This determines how many food items can be listed in a single page.


1 [foods per_page=”12″]
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