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The food submission form

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To display the Food Submission Form, a user needs to create a new page from the Pages menu present at the Admin Panel and then add the shortcode [add_food]. A user can also add the shortcode in the Template File which is attached to the page created.
Add Food Form Food Details


To create a new page, follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Log into WP-Admin account.
  2. Go to Pages >> New Page.
  3. Add a suitable Title to it and then paste the shortcode [add_food] inside the content area.

It is recommended for you to insert the shortcode into the ‘textview of the visual editor to ensure it gets formatted correctly.

Steps to Fill Out Food Submission Form

In four stages, you complete the entire procedure to use the food submission form. These are:
1. Account creation
2. Food Form Details
3. Preview
4. Confirmation

1. Account Creation

The first step is to sign up on the frontend in order to submit food items. Here are a few cases, depending on which you will be using the food submission form.
Account Creation

  • When a user is logged in, the form row data shows “Your account: You are currently signed in as (your username). Sign out
  • When a user is logged out, creating an account is not mandatory, and “Allow account creation” is disabled this shows a sign-in link.
  • When a user is logged out, creating an account is mandatory, and “Allow account creation” is disabled, then the form is also disabled.
  • When a user is logged out, creating an account is mandatory, and “Allow account creation” is enabled, an email field is shown to allow signup.

2. Food Form Detail

After creating an account, the user is redirected to the Food Submission Form which the user needs to fill in with necessary details.
Add Food Form Food Details

The following are food Fields

  • Food Title
  • Food Category
  • Food Type
  • Food Ingredient
  • Food Nutrition
  • Food Tag
  • Food Banner
  • Description
  • Regular Price
  • Sale Price
  • Stock Status
  • Enable Ingredient
  • Enable Nutrition

3. Preview

The preview page shows the food details which have been submitted in the style of a single food listing. The user may click the “Edit Listing” button to change the details of their food listing, or click on “Submit Listing” to submit their listing for viewing or approval (depending on your settings).
Add Food Preview

4. Confirmation

After submitting the food listing, The restaurant owners (User) will receive a short message about the status of their newly created food listing.

Customization of the Food Submission Form

You can easily add, edit or remove fields from the food submission form using Field Editor. You can check the tutorial for editing fields for more details.

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