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Updating WP Food Manager

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WP Food Manager thrives to provide its users the advanced features every time, which is why we ensure to update our plugin regularly. You can use our plugin’s latest version by updating it from time-to-time. We offer a manual way or an automatic way to update the core plugin. Users can set the plugin for automatic updates or can do it manually according to their choice.

In the below description, you will get a complete guide on how to update the Food Manager in both ways.

Automatic Update

Follow the below steps to set WP Food Manager plugin for automatic updates.

  1. Login to your WordPress admin account.
  2. Wordpress Admin Login

  3. On the dashboard, select Plugins >> Installed Plugins.
  4. Installed Plugin

  5. Select the “WP Food Manager” plugin present in the list of installed plugins.
  6. Click on the “Update Now” option.
  7. Updating Wp Food Manager Plugin

Manual Update

Follow the given below step for the manual update of the plugin:

  1. Access the server through cPanel or FTP software.
  2. Go to WP File Manager/public directory, then select wp-content >> plugins.
  3. Plugin Directory

  4. From the directory of your plugin, Rename or Delete the existing plugin.
  5. Rename Plugin

  6. Upload the updated plugin’s unzipped folder here.
  7. Upload Plugin

Note: Make sure you don’t refresh the plugin on the admin side until the uploading process is completed.

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