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Food Delivery

Ensure a smooth food delivery management process with a seamless, fast and easy online food delivery system with us.

Food Delivery

Features You’ll Love

Deliver Satisfaction with delicious food

Efficiently update delivery status

Efficiently update delivery status

Easily update delivery status as per your requirements through a detailed dashboard.

Handling delivery time

Handling delivery time

Set a default delivery time for your restaurant to give customers an idea of their food delivery time.

Seamless delivery management

Seamless delivery management

Add or edit your restaurant’s delivery services based on your preferences.

Your ultimate food delivery partner

Offering a smooth journey from your oven to your customer's doorstep.

Observe every movement
Manage and display delivery status right from the moment you confirm an order to keep customers in the loop.
Multiple delivery options
Let your customers choose between an online delivery service or a takeaway on checkout page to enjoy your food.
Delivery Availability Checker
Enable or disable the option to let your customers check if delivery is possible in their area.

Offering a trustable online food delivery management system

Treat your restaurant with the best online food delivery management facility with us


Deliver breakfast at the doorstep of your customers.

Let your customers enjoy your lunch menu in the comfort of their homes.

Allow your customers to enjoy the delicious flavours of your restaurant at their homes.

Get ready to satisfy your customers' appetite for snacks by delivering food from your kitchen to their homes.

Food Delivery Features

Simplifying online food delivery operations with exceptional features

Delivery availability

Let your customers check if your restaurant food is deliverable to their preferred location.

Delivery options

Give your customers the right to choose between online delivery or takeaway service on the checkout page.

Manage delivery services

Effortlessly select your delivery service options or add a new one with food delivery.

Delivery status management

Add a new delivery status or use the existing ones to keep updating your customers about their food delivery.

Handle all food deliveries easily

Get a detailed dashboard to track and manage all your online food orders and their deliveries to edit or delete orders and manage their delivery status.

Display food delivery time

Mention a default time duration that will be displayed at the front end for customers to know about the expected time of delivery.


Delivery options at the checkout page

Delivery options at the checkout page

The food delivery addon allows your customers to select their preferred delivery method. Customers usually get two options to choose their delivery method: Online delivery and takeaway service on the checkout page. They can select any one of the two methods for their food delivery.

My account for customers

My account for customers

The My account section is a page dedicated to your customers only. Itcontains recent orders, shipping and billing addresses for food delivery, and account details. Using this dashboard a customer can edit their shipping and billing addresses, password and other account details.

Delivery details dashboard at the front

Delivery details dashboard at the front

Just like the backend all foods delivery option, there is an option for the restaurant owners at the frontend which also helps them get the details of all food deliveries. It helps them access and manage the details of all the orders that their restaurant has received. Through this dashboard, a restaurant owner can update order status, and edit or delete orders as per his or her requirements.

Food delivery management from the backend

Food delivery management from the backend

The admin gets full control of their food deliveries with the food delivery addon. All he or she needs to do is to select the “All Foods Delivery” option from the backend to access and manage the details of all the orders that his or her restaurant has received. Through this dashboard, the admin can update order status, and edit or delete orders as per his or her requirements.

Adding a new delivery service

Adding a new delivery service

The “ Delivery Services” option allows the website owner to add a new delivery service to the list of the existing ones. Website owners can give options to the restaurant owners to choose their preferred delivery service options from the list. The admin can also select the delivery options that he or she wants to offer to the restaurant owner. It is also possible for the admin to make changes or edit each delivery service option that is available in the list.

Backend delivery status management

Backend delivery status management

The admin can also add and manage the food delivery status through the backend “ Delivery Status” option. Once the admin updates the food delivery status the customer can instantly see it on the front end. Starting from accepting food orders to the preparation and delivery, it is possible to update each moment of the order delivery for the admin. This helps customers know everything abou the order till it gets delivered to their doorstep. A new delivery status can also be added here.

Backend food delivery settings

Backend food delivery settings

The setting option provides users with the facility to run the plugin as per their wish. At this section of the backend, the admin can determine if he or she wants to delete the delivery data even after deleting the plugin. Besides this, he or she can also set a time duration for delivery and decide whether to enable or disable the delivery location availability option for restaurant customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Food Delivery Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Licence Keys Work?

After completing the payment process, you will instantly receive a license key through your email from us. The license key needs to be activated to start working with your purchased plugin.

Do You Offer Updates for Your Plugins?

Yes, the plugins you purchased will be updated automatically till your subscription period ends.

Will You Offer Support in Case I Face Any Issues with the Plugin I Purchased?

Yes, we do offer support to all the buyers of our premium plugins during their subscription period.

Do I Need to Renew My License?

Your license is valid for 1 year from the date of your purchase. After that if you want to keep enjoying our plugins along with its updates, you need to renew your license.

Am I allowed to Use Your Plugins on Multiple Sites?

Yes you can. However, it depends on the plan you purchase from us. Our plugin plans are available for 1,3, 5, 10 and unlimited sites. When it comes to the core plugin you can use it on as many sites as you want as it is free.