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Maintain transparency with your restaurant customers in money and billing matters with WPFM invoice.


Features you ll love

Take control of your restaurant taxes and add clarity to your restaurant bills

Create tax invoices

Create tax invoices

Create detailed tax invoices with food items’ prices along with additional taxes.

Categorize taxes

Categorize taxes

Add food-category-wise taxes by adding separate taxes for food items and drinks.

WooCommerce tax integration

WooCommerce tax integration

Get WooCommerce integration to track and generate a tax analysis report.

Add credibility to your restaurant business

Impose taxes on your food items and show detailed billing information

Category-wise tax counting
Display different tax percentages for food categories like food items, and drinks.
Determine tax value
Set your tax percentage as per your requirements.
Detailed invoice
Show food prices along with the taxes imposed on different food categories with clarity.
Tax analytics
Analyze the taxes you have added to your food items through the WooCommerce dashboard.
Easily accessible invoice
Allow your customers to download their order invoices from the frontend order page.

Generate invoices for all types of food items

Serve trust and satisfaction with delicious food and a descriptive invoice


Give your customers the ultimate comfort of paying with confidence with a detailed invoice.

Let foodies get a worthwhile lunch experience at your restaurant.

Impress your customers with a delicious dinner menu and payment security with an invoice.

Let your customers enjoy delightful snacks at your eatery while you create a thorough transaction record for them.

Invoice Addon Features

Manage your taxes and generate invoices with utmost transparency

Generate tax analysis report

Get tax analysis report through WooCommerce in CSV or PDF format.

Use different tax categories

Set taxes for different tax categories based on your country.

Food form for tax class

Get a tax class field in your food form to specify food categories along with their tax percentage.

Display taxation details

Show the tax calculation on orders on the cart and checkout page.

Easily downloadable invoice

let your customers download their invoice directly from their order details list.

Share invoices in emails

Send tax invoices to your customers through emails.


Create tax

Create tax

Then WPFM invoice addon helps you impose taxes on the food items in your restaurant and show invoices. Creating taxes on various food items is easy. All you need to do is to login to the admin panel and choose the Tax class option from the Food Manager menu. In this section, you can add, edit or delete taxes on food items, drinks, and other categories as per your requirements.

Add tax percentage to food items

Add tax percentage to food items

Just like creating a tax, it is also convenient to add your preferred percentage to your different tax categories. Tax categories usually depend on the country where you are using the plugin. For example, you can add different percentages to your food items, drinks, other services, and more. The percentage of tax can also be set from the Tax class section of the Food Manager menu at the admin panel.

Display tax details in cart and checkout pages

Display tax details in cart and checkout pages

The WPFM invoice plugin ensures transparency at every stage of your transaction. The tax details that you enter in the tax class get reflected in your customers' cart as well as in their checkout page. In simple words, the cart and checkout page both will display the food items that are ordered, their prices, tax categories and their percentage.

Offer invoices in PDF

Offer invoices in PDF

With the WPFM Invoice addon, a restaurant owner can provide his customers the facility to download tax invoice directly from their frontend orders page. The invoice contains all the necessary details of each of their orders along with the food prices and tax details.

Get reports based on different taxes

Get reports based on different taxes

The WooCommerce integration allows users to access detailed tax reports based on categories and dates. You can easily generate this report by logging into your admin account and clicking on the Report option under the WooCommerce menu. Here you can access taxes of specific categories and also mention your preferred date or month or year. Once you get the report you can export it in the form of a CSV file if you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Invoice Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Licence Keys Work?

After completing the payment process, you will instantly receive a license key through your email from us. The license key needs to be activated to start working with your purchased plugin.

Do You Offer Updates for Your Plugins?

Yes, the plugins you purchased will be updated automatically till your subscription period ends.

Will You Offer Support in Case I Face Any Issues with the Plugin I Purchased?

Yes, we do offer support to all the buyers of our premium plugins during their subscription period.

Do I Need to Renew My License?

Your license is valid for 1 year from the date of your purchase. After that if you want to keep enjoying our plugins along with its updates, you need to renew your license.

Am I allowed to Use Your Plugins on Multiple Sites?

Yes you can. However, it depends on the plan you purchase from us. Our plugin plans are available for 1,3, 5, 10 and unlimited sites. When it comes to the core plugin you can use it on as many sites as you want as it is free.