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Restaurant Review

Add and display reviews on your WordPress restaurant site to help them improve their services and craft their online reputation.

Restaurant Review

Features You’ll Love

Simplifying reviews to amplify success

Streamlined Multi-Review Management

Streamlined Multi-Review Management

Manage large volumes of reviews efficiently and keep only relevant reviews to avoid spam.

Seamless Rating Experience

Seamless Rating Experience

Allow customers to rate their dining experience easily and give restaurant owners valuable feedback.

Customizable Review Form

Customizable Review Form

Add, edit, or delete the review form fields to keep only fields according to your requirements.

Improve Customer Engagement With Reviews and Ratings

Offer insightful feedback to help restaurant owners make data-driven decisions.

Restaurant Review Submission Form
Create an ‘Add New review’ form to allow customers to give their reviews by filling up the form.
Transparent Dine-In Ratings
Maintain transparency by showcasing the ratings given by customers of different restaurants.
Review Listing on Restaurant Detail Page
List all relevant reviews on the restaurant detail pages to ensure easy navigation.

Embrace Reviews to Attract New Customers for Different Mealtimes

Create a Thriving Community of Foodies Through Reviews


Set a positive tone for the rest of the day with satisfactory breakfast reviews of different restaurants.

Keep customers coming back for lunch by letting the restaurants display more happy feedback for lunch.

Let the restaurants turn every evening into a feast by showing their positive reviews for dinner.

Give restaurants the chance to show off their reviews for crave-worthy snacks.

Restaurant Review Addon Features

A Comprehensive Restaurant Review System to Grow Your Food Business

User-friendly Review Form

Place a user-friendly review form for interested customers to share their dine-in experiences.

Add New Reviews

Add a new review from the backend to update your website quickly with the latest feedback.

Rating System Integration

Help restaurants collect ratings to understand their customer satisfaction levels.

Admin Review Management

Edit or delete reviews from the backend to display only the appropriate feedback.

Custom Field Editor

Add or delete review form fields as per your preference using the ‘Field Editor’.


Use shortcodes to show either Google review, Zomato review, or both on your website.


Add a ‘Add New Review’ Form at front end

Add a ‘Add New Review’ Form at front end

You can feature an ‘Add New Review’ form at the front end using the ‘Restaurant Review’ plugin. The customers will fill out the review form. Consequently, it will make the customers feel valued and bring in more diners.

Restaurant Review

Restaurant Review

With the help of the ‘Restaurant Review’ plugin, you can showcase the average ratings of each restaurant on their detail pages. These ratings can be the determining factors for the customers about the service of a restaurant.

Showcase Review Lists on Restaurant Detail Pages

Showcase Review Lists on Restaurant Detail Pages

Listing all published reviews and displaying them on the relevant restaurant detail pages will not only boost your website credibility but also help potential customers make informed decisions.

Display Restaurant Ratings

Display Restaurant Ratings

Another advantage of using the ‘Restaurant Review’ plugin is to include ratings for the restaurants and show them on your website. The customers can see the ratings quickly and thus decide within seconds where to dine.

Backend All Reviews Dashboard

Backend All Reviews Dashboard

Get a list of all the reviews by the customers in the ‘All Reviews’ dashboard at the backend. Further, you can edit or delete reviews you find inappropriate from here.

Add New Review from the Backend

Add New Review from the Backend

You can also add a new review from the admin panel without much effort. It will help you maintain a consistent flow of reviews on your website.

Backend Field Editor

Backend Field Editor

The ‘Field Editor’ feature of the plugin gives you the option to add, edit, or delete fields from your ‘Add New Review’ form as per your wish. You can easily keep the fields you want the customers to fill in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Restaurant Review Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Licence Keys Work?

After completing the payment process, you will instantly receive a license key through your email from us. The license key needs to be activated to start working with your purchased plugin.

Do You Offer Updates for Your Plugins?

Yes, the plugins you purchased will be updated automatically till your subscription period ends.

Will You Offer Support in Case I Face Any Issues with the Plugin I Purchased?

Yes, we do offer support to all the buyers of our premium plugins during their subscription period.

Do I Need to Renew My License?

Your license is valid for 1 year from the date of your purchase. After that if you want to keep enjoying our plugins along with its updates, you need to renew your license.

Am I allowed to Use Your Plugins on Multiple Sites?

Yes you can. However, it depends on the plan you purchase from us. Our plugin plans are available for 1,3, 5, 10 and unlimited sites. When it comes to the core plugin you can use it on as many sites as you want as it is free.