Refund Policy

Our products cannot be recovered and are non-tangible. If the plugins are already downloaded, we will not provide compensation. Hence, it is essential that you carefully read the terms and conditions. Also read about the plugin before you download it so you know clearly what all is delivered with the downloaded plugin. If any issue arises, it is suggested that you acknowledge it before downloading a plugin. Also, while downloading our plugin, if any sort of issue is experienced, then you must immediately acknowledge it to us so that we can fix the issue right away. Also, you may reach our customer executive team by contacting us through our Contact Us page.
To prevent any sort of misunderstanding or future inconvenience, we suggest you read our refund policy carefully before purchasing our plugin.
It is important that you understand that when you purchase our plugin, you are not purchasing any physical item that can be returned easily. Instead, you download a digital software for your usage. To prevent the misuse of our digital products and/or our licensing system, we offer a limited refund policy.

Please note we’ve no refund policy. No amount will be refunded after purchasing an add-on; however, we will provide all the support you need to solve any sort of problem you are facing.


Post the purchase we will be assisting you to solve any issue you have, but also we expect our purchaser to fully understand what they are paying for and its usage.
A comprehensive demo is available for our plugins, allowing you to explore all the features of the plugins. You must go through it before purchasing any plugin as we assume that you must have tried our demo and understood all the details about the plugin, including its features and functionalities. We suggest you to thoroughly check our demo or try our core plugin and purchase when you are completely satisfied and sure about our product.
  • No refund will be given if you just make a decision that you don’t want or decide to not to use the plugin or do not need it anymore.
  • No refunds will be granted in the case where a plugin does not meet your specific custom requirement.
For example, you want Plugin Y to have a specific Y feature (which is currently not a feature of that plugin). In such cases, we do consider requests and usually add to meet your needs. However, a refund request will be considered invalid raised against the absence of a feature. Kindly read our product detail page carefully as all the current features are mentioned there. For all your queries we are here to help you, you may contact us to ask any question related to our product before purchasing it.
  • No refund will be provided in a situation where you claim that a plugin isn’t working. You must show us what issue you are facing on a live site and allow us to try and solve the issue. By opening a support ticket, you can report any problem you are experiencing. Our support team will try to resolve the issue raised by you by directing you methods to fix issues or may take access to your site’s backend to solve it.
  • No refunds will be granted in the case where you make up your mind that a plugin, theme, etc., other than a specific choice fails to fulfil your expectations
  • No refunds will be given if you claim that you accidentally purchased the undesired plugin.
We hope that you will understand that all these measures are taken to prevent the misuse of our refund system, safeguard the integrity of WP Food Manager’s plugins and to provide unending support with the latest updates and features related to the plugins. For any concerns related to technical issues or sales queries, please feel free to contact us before purchasing a plugin.