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6 Restaurant Industry Trends to Look for in 2024

The restaurant industry is currently witnessing massive growth and is all set to stand on its feet after the pandemic. The rapidly changing restaurant industry trends are mostly influenced by consumer demands, their preferences and most importantly technical advancements.

6 Restaurant Industry Trends To Look For In 2024

These restaurant trends determine the way new-age restaurants work, promote themselves and serve their customers. If you are in the food business, you must be aware of the food industry trends in 2024 to ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors.

In this article, we have shared the top 6 restaurant industry trends to look for in 2024. Find them all in our next segment.

6 Restaurant industry trends to look for in 2024

Restaurant trends keep on transforming themselves based on consumer needs and preferences. For example, the restaurant forecast for 2024 shows the growing importance of having an online presence, strengthening online ordering systems & deliveries, and more such technical intervention into the whole restaurant management operations.

1. Building a website is crucial

The pandemic might be over but the online culture is not. As the entire world is moving towards digitization, the restaurant industry is also following suit. To cope up with the new trend, having an online presence has become necessary for every small and big restaurant.

Today, a major part of consumers go through restaurant websites to access their details, reviews, and ratings before physically visiting them or ordering food online.

So being a restaurant owner, you must have a prominent restaurant website to catch the attention of your target audiences online.

Consider the following things while building or revamping your restaurant website:

  • If you are creating a restaurant from scratch, use WordPress. It is one of the most popular CMSes that offers a huge array of plugins to enhance your website features with multiple restaurant management facilities.
  • Don’t forget to add your contact details.
  • Build a striking food menu.
  • Incorporate online ordering and delivery services.
  • Use SEO-friendly plugins to ensure high Google search rankings. You can rely on WP Food Manager for a complete digital makeover of your restaurant.
  • Focus on content and high-resolution images.

A well-crafted website always catches attention and enhances audience reach, Make sure you add the above-mentioned things on your website to achieve your goal.

2. Online ordering and delivery remain the top priorities

Online food order and delivery services have become an inseparable part of the restaurant industry due to its growing demand among consumers.

The food delivery services area is anticipated to witness a growth of $182.3 billion during 2024. So it is evident that food delivery services can greatly influence the restaurant industry sales in the upcoming years.

Besides having an impressive website, you also need to have online food order and food delivery features on it. If you are a WordPress user, you have huge plugin options to add these features to your website.

We recommend the Online Order addon and Food Delivery addons for this purpose. They have the right features to take your food business online and manage ordering and delivery operations with ease.

Discover the plugins now!

3. AI intervention

Though AI is still in an experimental stage, it is undoubtedly making its presence felt in almost every industry.

The adoption of AI technology can also be seen in multiple areas of restaurant operations. As AI works fast and accurately, AI voice automation is mostly seen on restaurants for accepting orders and overcoming other challenges that are generally faced by Quick service restaurants.

One of the biggest advantages of AI automation is that they submit order details fast and accurately reducing pressure on employees. Though it is yet to gain perfection in this field, it is worth giving a try as people are excited about this technology.

4. Cloud kitchens are on the rise

The term cloud kitchen defines the type of food businesses that only offer food delivery or takeaway services without any physical setup. In simple words, there will be no restaurant or physical dine-in facility.

Cloud kitchens are increasingly becoming popular because of the growing demand of online food ordering services. Sometimes cloud kitchen owners also collaborate with restaurants to sell their food items.

Cloud kitchens are an amazing option for those who want to start a food business with a limited budget.

5. Personalized menus

Personalization is the key to boost engagement. It also plays a major role in shaping up customer experiences at your restaurant.

Consider the following ways to offer personalized services to your customers:

  • Prepare a personalized menu for your customers based on their past purchases on your restaurant, new trends or even the weather. If you need guidance to create a striking menu on your website, try WP Food Manager for a comprehensive solution.
  • Give discounts and coupons to promote memberships.
  • Discounts or gifts on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

Personalization makes your customers feel important and improves their experience at your restaurant. You can take the above mentioned ideas to personalize your customer experience and look for more opportunities to make sure that you dont miss a scope to personalize.

6. Increased engagement in digital channels

As digitization is everywhere, restaurant owners are using digital channels to reach out to their audiences globally. The growing use of restaurant based mobile apps, social media platforms and other such channels are enough to support the statement.
Reliance on third party platforms are also increasing due to the trend of digitization. If your are using third party platforms to manage different restaurant operations, switch to WP Food Manager to directly manage all your restaurants operations through your WordPress site.

Wrapping up

The restaurant industry is flourishing and in 2024 we can expect to see various new developments like AI intervention, restaurant websites, usage of restaurant plugins, personalized menus, cloud kitchens and more.

If you are into restaurant business, try to adopt these trends to satisfy your customers with not only food items but also with services.