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9 Best Practices to Create a Seamless Online Food Ordering Experience

Today, when smartphones have become our constant companions, restaurants should embrace online food ordering methods to offer customers quick and easy ways to order their favorite meals from their smartphones. Therefore, using an efficient food ordering process is no longer a trend for restaurants. It’s a must.
In this blog, we will explore ten best practices to help you create a smooth online food ordering experience. If you can elevate customers’ online order journey, keeping them coming back for more will be an easy breeze for you.

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Practices to Create a Seamless Online Food Ordering Experience

01. Create a Website for Your Food Business

Build a well-designed website to showcase your menu, accept orders, and manage payments. You can consider WordPress for creating your website as it doesn’t require any technical knowledge. Make sure your website aligns with your brand and looks professional.

If you need any restaurant theme for your website, we recommend checking out WP Food Manager’s wide range of themes, designed for different types of food businesses.

With a user-friendly and eye-catching website, you can instill trust in your customers and add to your brand’s credibility.

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02. Adopt Technology to Accept Orders

Embrace technology to thrive in the digital age of dining. Integrate an online food ordering plugin into your WordPress website to streamline the ordering process of your restaurant and generate more sales. This innovative restaurant ordering system will allow your customers to place orders with just a few clicks. Not only will it offer convenience for your customers but will also help you manage multiple orders simultaneously. Additionally, you don’t have to manually calculate the number of orders placed at the end of the day. All these jobs can be done by your plugin accurately.

During food delivery, pay attention to the delivery instructions your customers have mentioned. If they have mentioned extra cheese for their ordered pizza, you should give them that. Double-check before packing the food to prevent dissatisfaction of customers.

However, to avail the benefits of providing online food ordering service to your customers, you should use the best plugin available in the market.

You can consider the Online Order plugin of WP Food Manager.


Our Online Order plugin includes the following features:

  • Easy food ordering process
  • Order confirmation notification
  • WooCommerce integration
  • Topping options

Using our online food ordering process is easy. But, you need WooCommerce on your website along with our two plugins namely WP Food Manager and Restaurant Manager to use the plugin efficiently.

03. Communicate Clearly

Clarity is crucial when it concerns online ordering for restaurants. Make sure your customers are clearly understanding the process of placing orders online. Whether you’re using a third-party delivery service or an online food ordering plugin, you can provide easy-to-find buttons to guide the customers. Sometimes, customers fail to explain their orders properly over the phone, or the staff can’t write down the orders correctly. In such a situation, you will deliver the wrong order, hampering your restaurant’s reputation. Hence, assign only well-trained staff to take orders.

04. Build a Striking Online Menu

Creating a stellar online menu is more than just listing dishes. Rather, your menu should be like a graphic novel to captivate the hungry eyes. It should be easy to read and should have a clear CTA. Organize the food items logically to help customers find the food they crave.

Upload delicious images of your food and write descriptions to evoke their essence. Highlight special dishes to raise curiosity. Incorporate interactive elements to engage your customers more.

A striking online menu reflects your brand’s personality, calling customers to indulge in a wonderful dining experience.

If you’re not sure how to display your food menu stylishly, you can use the WP Food Manager plugin. Using it, you can create the menu the way you have desired.

You may want to know what’s the benefit of using the WP Food Manager plugin. So, here’s the answer.


Some of the benefits of using WP Food Manager are:

  • Attract more audience
  • Enable customers to find their food items quickly through filtering option
  • Showcase your food menu in a stylish way
  • Update menu anytime
  • Show food stock status

All the above-mentioned benefits enable restaurateurs to turn their food listing website into a blessing for foodies.

Visit here to redefine food listings with our plugin.

If you need some menu design ideas, read this blog.

05. Ensure Efficient Delivery Tracking

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In today’s fast-paced world, delivering food from restaurants to customer doorsteps has remained important. No doubt, it has become one of the fastest-growing markets today. And, the credit goes to the super-fast delivery it gives.

Restaurants using reliable food delivery plugins keep track of their deliveries to ensure that they are on time, thus making more customers happy. Tracking and tracing orders in real time helps restaurateurshave a clear knowledge about their deliveries. Consequently, they can inform their customers.

Finding a reliable food delivery WordPress plugin is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Don’t worry! We’re here to help.

Use our Food Delivery plugin to manage the food delivery process seamlessly. When you improve your food delivery service, you’re likely to get more online orders.

But, the question is why you should invest in our plugin when there’s no dearth of options. Scroll down to get the answer.


  • Delivery availability checker
  • Real-time delivery tracking
  • Display food delivery time
  • Showing delivery status to update customers
  • Dashboard to track and manage orders

However, you need WP Food Manager and Online Order plugins to use our Food Delivery plugin without any hassle.

06. Offer Discounts and Promotions

Give enticing discounts and promotions to drive in more online orders. Any restaurant offering online food ordering considers its business needs and plans promotions to reach its targeted audience. If you have a dish that isn’t very popular among your customers, create a combo including that dish with a popular one, and reduce the dish’s overall price. Offering early-bird discounts during holidays and downtimes also increases online order profitability.

Highlight the deals prominently on your website. Track the performance of your promotions to refine the strategy, if needed.

07. Start Loyalty Programs

Implement loyalty programs to accelerate sales by leaps and bounds. Encourage repeat business by offering rewards for each online order. Consider customer preferences and give them rewards like freebies, discounts, etc. Leverage your social media channels and other platforms to promote your loyalty programs. Highlight the benefits the audience can enjoy joining the programs. Collect data from customers to make the promotions more alluring.

08. Offer Multiple and Secure Payment Options

Give your customers multiple and secure payment options to build trust and gain more customers. Therefore, we advise you to look for WooCommerce-integrated plugins. WooCommerce protects customer’s personal and banking details providing a reliable platform for online transactions.

The Online Order addon of WP Food Manager has WooCommerce integration to ensure secure transactions.

Further, provide your customers with a wide range of payment options like online banking, digital wallets, etc, so that they can choose the suitable one.

09. Gather Reviews/ restaurant review addon

Encourage customers to give reviews for your online food ordering and delivery services. Whether positive or negative, respond to their reviews to make them feel valued. Get an in-depth insight from their reviews to find loopholes in your services and find ways to resolve them fast.

You can use a plugin like Restaurant Review from WP Food Manager to add the restaurant review feature to your website. Discover the plugin now!

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, implementing these practices can boost your sales by increasing customer satisfaction and reducing abandoned carts. Leverage technology and customer data to tap into the online food ordering trend and grow your revenue. Consider data analytics and feedback to make effective decisions and stay ahead of your competitors. All the tips, if practiced together, will surely increase your sales.