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Subscription Help

Subscription Help

WP Food Manager provides users with a one-year subscription plan based on the number of sites they choose. The one-year plan covers plugin installation, feature upgrades, security updates, bug fixes, and premium support. Here it is to be mentioned that as the subscription period is of one year, users will get the premium support for one year from the date of the plugin purchase.

During the subscription period, you can use the product and take advantage of the things that it covers. We have kept our subscription plan for only one year to avoid any kind of burden on our customers. In case a customer is not satisfied with any of our plugins which is extremely rare, he or she can discontinue his subscription with us after one year. On the other hand, if any of our customers likes to continue using our plugins even after one year, he or she can easily do it by renewing his license once again.

You can also select our Auto-renew option to renew your subscription automatically after one year.

Subscription Types

At WP Food Manager we understand that every customer comes with unique requirements and keeping that in mind we have created different types of subscriptions for them.

With every subscription package, you get a unique license key. Each subscription package comes with a specific number of sites. All types of subscriptions can be upgraded.

Bundles and Individual addons are available for 1, 3, 5, 10 and unlimited sites. The prices also vary depending on the number of sites you choose.

Upgrading Your Subscription Plan

It is easy to upgrade your subscription plan and shift from the existing one to an advanced one with WP Food Manager. The upgrade is applicable for both addons and bundles.

Consider the following example:

  1. If you want to upgrade your subscription plan from Food Manager Pro to Food Manager Agency, follow the below-mentioned steps to get that: My Account » Subscriptions » Manage » Upgrade. You also have the option to increase the number of sites of the same bundle depending on your requirements.

  2. You currently have a subscription plan for Online orders for 3 sites. Now you want to increase the number of sites to 10 sites, go through the following steps to achieve that: My Account » Subscriptions » Manage » Upgrade, select the site count and make the payment to complete the process.

Subscription Renewal

To automatically renew a subscription plan, we have an auto-renewal option. The Auto-renewal option signifies that after the completion of your first subscription period, the billing cycle for the new one will start automatically.

To set your subscription for the auto-renewal process, follow the below-mentioned steps:

  1. Click on “My Account” and select “Subscriptions
  2. All your subscriptions will be displayed on the screen, find the subscription you want to set for auto-renewal. Click on the “Manage” option which appears on the right side of that subscription.
  3. Enable the toggle option in front of the “Auto-Renew” option

Similarly, if you want to opt for the manual subscription, you can follow the below-mentioned steps: Go to My Account » Subscriptions » Manage » Renew now.

Once the payment is done, your subscription for the next cycle will be activated from that moment only.

Managing the Auto-renewal Option

At WP Food Manager, we give our customers the option to continue or discontinue with the auto-renewal option. This means that, in case you want to switch to the manual subscription system and discontinue with the auto-renewal option, you can easily do that. Here are the steps, you need to take for that:

  1. Click on “My Account” and select “Subscriptions
  2. All your subscriptions will be displayed on the screen, find the subscription you want to set for auto-renewal. Click on the “Manage” option that appears on the right side of that subscription.
  3. Enable the toggle option in front of “Auto-Renew” option

You can also choose to reactivate subscription manually by following these steps: Go to My Account » Subscriptions » Manage » Renew now.

Note: if you do not renew your subscription at all after the completion of the one-year subscription period, you can continue using the existing version of the plugin and will not receive any updates regarding that.

Accessing the Order History

At WP Food Manager, we keep track of the detailed purchase history of our clients with us that they can access anytime.

Here are the steps to follow: My Account » Orders.

Managing Payment Method for a Specific Subscription

WP Food Manager is dedicated to offering a secure and stress-free payment method to its customers. That is why it gives them the option to choose their preferred payment method for each of their subscription by changing it as per their requirements. To change the existing payment method, here are the steps you need to take:

My Account » Subscriptions » Manage » Change Payment Method option.

Updating Payment Method

To avoid any kind of issues regarding the payment method, we provide our customers with the facility to update their payment method. Follow the below mentioned steps to do that: My Account » Payment Methods

Pause WP Food Manager Subscription

Our clients can pause their subscription with us for a specific date and to do that they need to follow the below-mentioned steps:

My Account » Subscriptions » Manage » Pause » Select a Date » Save

Subscription Cancellation policy

Our customers are free to discontinue their subscription with us whenever they want.

We follow a no-questions-asked subscription cancelation policy to make the process simple and easy.

Follow the below-mentioned steps to cancel your subscription:

Go to My Account » Subscriptions » Manage » Cancel and cancel your subscription.

Notes: Once you cancel your subscription with us, we will not be liable to you for any assistance or future plugin updates.

Email Reminder for Subscription renewal

We notify our customers through emails when their subscription period is about to end.

  1. Such email reminders are generally sent to your registered email ID before 6 and 3 days of the ending date of your subscription.
  2. A request for a refund is not accepted under the following circumstances:
    • If for some reason the reminder email is not delivered.
    • If the customer fails to notice the reminder emails.
    • If the registered email id does not exist.

Note: Refund is initiated only if we somehow fail to send you an email notification for your subscription expiry.

Getting More Guidance on Subscription

We provide sufficient resources including our FAQ section, knowledgebase, YouTube videos, tutorials, etc. to help our clients in case of any queries. In addition to that, you as an owner of a premium addon can seek help from us anytime by raising support tickets.