Subscription Help


We offer a one-year subscription plan based on the number of sites you use and the scope of your food business. The annual plan of food manager covers plugin installation, feature upgrades, security updates, bug fixes, and premium support, for one year from the date of purchase.

During the subscription period, you can easily use and test the efficacy of the plugin. To avoid any kind of loyalty issues, we have chosen a one-year subscription plan. After the completion of this time span, you can decide if you want to continue the journey with us or want to move on with other alternatives for your food ordering business. 

You can choose the auto renew option for your subscription which gets automatically renewed after one year and avoid any lengthy process that is needed to renew your subscription manually.

Subscription Levels

We understand that the need of a food manager would differ from that of a developer. So, we cater to each of your different needs.

Every subscription comes with a package and a unique license key. This package limits the number of sites one can access to manage food business online. In addition, one can always upgrade the subscription and take benefits to increase sales in the online food business.

Upgrading a Subscription

You can easily upgrade from the existing plan to an advanced one, i.e., from a 1 site to a 10 site by simply writing an email to us.

Reactivating a Subscription

You can choose an auto-renewal option, to automate the renewal process. This means that the billing cycle for the new subscription would automatically start from the new day after the previous subscription ends on auto-renewal.

You can also manually reactivate your subscription in My Account » Subscriptions » View » Renew now.

This means that the billing cycle for the new subscription would automatically start from the new day after the previous subscription ends on auto-renewal.

Changes to Automatic Renewal

In case, if you choose not to auto-renew the subscription, you still will be able to access the existing version of the plugin but access to upgrading to new features and bug fixes are denied.

Also, you can always opt for not choosing an automated renewal. These settings can be accessed via, My Account » Subscriptions » View » Auto-renew option and choose to check or uncheck the option of auto-renewal.

Viewing Your Order History

Manual tracking of your previous purchase is not there. So, we keep a record of your previous orders. To access them, go to, My Account » Orders.

Updating Payment Information

We make sure you do not face any issue in terms of payment and ensure hassle-free payments. Our customers can anytime update/change their payment method from My Account » Payment methods.

Discount on Renewal Subscription

Avail 30% discount on every single Food Manager add on renewal subscription. However, it does not apply on the renewal subscription of a bundle package.

Subscription Cancellation

We have a No-Questions-Asked Cancellation policy to make the subscription cancellation process easy for you.

You can do this by going to My Account » Subscriptions » View » Cancel.

On cancellation, all future updates, and support for the plugins will be discontinued.

Subscription Renewal Reminder Emails

  1. We dutifully remind our customers that the subscription is nearing its end, 6 days and 3 days prior to the end date . Customers get an email to the email address their account is set up with.
  2. Reasons like, “ I never received a reminder” shall not bring you a refund when you have forgotten to cancel your automatic renewal. The same rule applies to the following reasons as well:
    • If the email does not reach your inbox.
    • If the email goes unnoticed in the spam folder.
  3. If the email gets sent to an old email address you used to register with us, for which you have no access to, instead of the newer email.
    • Our system is set up to auto send reminder emails 3 days prior to renewal to the email address that was used when add ons were purchased.
    • You do not qualify for a refund of renewals on the basis “you never received a reminder” and for below situations.

      1. If reminder email got bounced back or was not delivered.
      2. If reminder email went into your spam folder and was auto trashed.
      3. If you have changed your email and the reminder email was sent to the original email which you no longer have access to or does not exists.

    • You may check with us for system logs on auto-reminder emails, and if a reminder email was indeed not sent out from the system, you will be eligible for a refund for a renewal order.

Getting Help with Subscription

If you’re having trouble using the license key included with your subscription, There are a lot of resources in the form of documentation, FAQs, tutorials, and videos related to license keys that are available for your troubleshoot issues at ease.

Also, our diligent support team of WP Food Manager is available to assist you by answering all your queries that are created through a support ticket.