Support Policy

At WP Food Manager, we always prioritize our customers. Our support policy is created to provide unending support to the users of our paid and free plugins.

Free Support by WP Food Manager

WP Food Manager provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Support Ticketing System : If you encounter any issue, you can raise an issue on our’s support forum. Our dedicated support team will assist you.
  • Chat and Video-Call Support : We provide Live Chat facility along with video-calls assistance to resolve your queries.
  • Knowledge Base Section : We’ve discussed each and every procedure in detail in our knowledge base section which you may refer to for understanding any procedure.
  • YouTube Channel : You can explore our Youtube channel to gain insight into the usage and concept of our addons.
  • Community Engagement : You can connect with us on Slack, FaceBook and GitHub to become a part of our thriving community. Here you can share your experiences and queries with our support team and like minded-people.

Premium Add-ons Support

Our premium support comes along with the purchase of our paid add-ons. The clients will be able to access all the support provided for the free version. Moreover, they get 1 year of premium support as well. This 1 year of support includes updates related to the plugins and technical support raised on the support forum page.

The license/validity of our premium support expires after the completion of one year from the date of purchase and without license we don’t provide any premium support. So, if you want to continue receiving our support, you need to renew your license.

One may feel free to access any of the above-mentioned support platforms, if he or she encounters any problem or has any query. However, to solve any issue allow us a short time span to understand and address your queries properly.

Support Hours

We provide support from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 6 pm GMT+5.5. Our usual support response time is within 24 hours but we always try to respond as early as possible.

WP Food Manager Support DOESN’T INCLUDE

As a valued client, it is important that you know under what circumstances we are not obligated to offer our technical support.

  1. WP Food Manager will not be held responsible in case of any software damage by any means. Temporary software interruptions may be experienced by the customers during the maintenance period.
  2. The support team of WP Food Manager will not be handling any sort of queries if an individual experiences the following issues:
  3. Network interruptions from the end of your internet service provider.
  4. Systematic failures occurring from your end.
  5. Acts of omissions that you are not permitted to get engaged in.
  6. Issues occurred because of customization or usage of any third-party software.
  7. We offer technical support only for the new versions. Hence, the support on older versions of the plugin will not be provided.
  8. Currently, we are not offering any support for custom code requests as customization signifies personal requirements. However, we will soon come up with paid customization services for the convenience of our clients.

Support for Hosting or Server Related Compatibility Issues

Sites created on WordPress run on various types of servers. Our team diligently tries to ensure that our plugins are compatible and efficiently work on various hosts/servers. However, there is a probability that you may sometimes encounter compatibility issues.

To solve such issues you can ask for WP Food Manager’s assistance. Once you allow us to debug code, we can trace the problem and help you find solutions to fix the issue. Please note that this may take some time. Sometimes we may also find it challenging to solve a complicated issue that you might be facing. In that case we expect our clients to be cooperative and understanding. 

Support for Compatibility Issues With Other Plugins

Our prime motive is to make WP Food Manager’s plugins compatible with every plugin. However, there is not much we can do in this case of problems involving different plugins. Although we will try our best to help you whenever you may need.

Fix Compatibility With Themes

There are times when you might face compatibility issues with themes.  In such situations, we are here to address your queries and assist you to find the right solutions. However, the debugging of your entire theme will not be possible for us and we can’t assure that the issue will be permanently resolved.

Add Features to Our Plugins

Our past users have helped us enhance the functionality of our plugins by suggesting many features. Any new idea put on the table will be welcomed with a positive attitude. However, there is no assurance that we will implement it.

Fix Bugs in Plugins

We prioritize fixing a bug in plugins as soon as it is discovered. Our support team immediately takes charge and starts working on it by adding it to the bug-fix queue. However, we would always request our dear patrons to have some patience and give us the time that is needed to solve the bug.

We will help you find a sensible temporary method and will inform you once the problem is fixed.

Need technical help beyond our support?

There are some issues that need to be fixed but might not fall into our standard support help policies. In such cases, we’re here to help you with our upcoming paid premium support which will fulfill your personal requirements.

We request to refer to our standard documentation for better understanding of how our plugin works. Our support team will not be providing any kind of help related to the customization of the plugins.

Our support team provides assistance to all the users by adhering to the above mentioned support policy details.