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Terms of Use

Terms of Use

We, at WP Food Manager, constantly work on our plugins to ensure that our patrons get the best user experience with us.

The terms of service mentioned on this page speak about our responsibilities towards our product users and the rights that they enjoy while using our products.

These terms will apply to all the premium plugins that WP Food Manager sells.

If you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions, feel free to get in touch with us.

1. License & Usage

You will be given a membership license for the products you purchase from us.

The license grants our users access to our support and the purchased plugin updates for one year. You can use our plugins based on the bundles and the number of sites you choose to purchase from us.

You can make changes to the template file of our plugins as per your requirements. However, you may not resell our products as the source files are under WP Food Manager’s copyright and license.

2. Updates

As a user, you can enjoy our plugin updates till the time your license is active without any additional charges.

We regularly update our plugins to make sure that they work well with the latest WordPress version.

3. Plugin Compatibility

All our products are compatible with the latest version of WordPress. To maintain this compatibility, we regularly update our plugins. However we can not guarantee that our plugins will be compatible with third party extensions.  Our developers create plugins/add-ons for some specific software versions. You can check these software versions on our support page. If the version you’re using is not mentioned on the list, you may experience functional difficulties.

4. Product Warranty

We leave no stone unturned in ensuring that the products we offer are of the best quality and fulfill the requirements of users. However, we do not offer you any warranty on these products. We can not give our users the guarantee that the plugins will work well with third-party extensions.

5. Unauthorized Use

In case you do not have a license for our products, you will face some restrictions on our plugin usage. You may not copy and paste our plugins in any sort of storage device including CDs, hard drives, etc, without our consent.

It is unethical to use the graphics, images and icons that we have added to our demo content. It is only for viewing purposes.

6. Customizations

Users can customize our plugins as per their requirements following our terms and conditions.

However, even after customizing the plugin, you may not resell our plugins without our consent.

7. Assignability

Users need to get written consent from the WP Food Manager to assign, sub-assign, or transfer their licenses to anyone else.

8. Refund Policy

You can find the details on our refund policies here .

9. Product Ownership

All the products we offer are the exclusive properties of WP Food Manager. As a user, you may not claim ownership of any of these products. As mentioned before we do not offer any warranty for our products. In no circumstances, shall we be held responsible for any damages caused to the product.

10. Anti-fraud Check

Your customer account might get suspended for 24 hours or more when we run our anti-fraud check. We expect you to be patient during this period as it is crucial for us to restrict any kind of fraudulent practices through the check.

11. Governing Law

If you are unsatisfied with our services and want to claim financial compensation under a jurisdiction, then you can proceed with it in the jurisdiction of Surat, India. Surat’s jurisdiction can help to solve such disputes. However, they will follow the state’s rules and regulations and will not be considering conflict principles.

12. Information Disclosure

  • You may not copy and paste our products to any storage device including discs, hard drives, CDs, etc.
  • You may not disclose your order number anywhere.
  • You may not reveal your registered user ID or password to anyone.
  • You may not resell our products.

13. Credits

WP Food Manager wants to give credits to the following businesses for helping us create our digital products.

For Images:-

For illustrations:-

For Icons:-

Note: We may make changes to our terms of use at any time without any prior notice.