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How to Train Restaurant Staff Members: A Complete Guide

Training your restaurant staff is like making someone a part of your family. Starting from introducing them to their roles to making them familiar with each corner of your restaurant, everything falls under this category.

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Your restaurant employees are the heart of your food business and they take care of all your restaurant operations. Each of them plays a different role in helping you run your restaurant smoothly.

A restaurant staff includes front-of-house and back-of-house employees. The front-of-house employees are the people who tackle your customers directly whereas the back-of-house employees manage food and kitchen activities.

To create a solid team of restaurant employees you need to know how to train restaurant staff members. In this article, we have provided a detailed restaurant staff training guide that is surely going to help you in this process.

Let us first find out the importance of training your restaurant staff.

Why is it important to train your restaurant staff?

Training restaurant employees is one of the vital areas of restaurant management that restaurant owners can not avoid.

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1. Increase efficiency

If your restaurant staff know about their work roles and responsibilities they will also be aware of the things you expect from them which ultimately helps them offer quality services consistently.

It streamlines the entire restaurant management process by increasing their work efficiency and creating good customer experiences.

2. Improve customer experience

Educating your restaurant employees about how to treat your customers right falls under the restaurant training program. When they know the tricks they will always try to ensure customer satisfaction at every step. If your customers are attended with warmth and care in their dinner tables they are most likely to have a pleasant experience at your restaurant. They could also recommend it to others making an impact on your audience reach.

3. Safety assurance

Your restaurant team can also play the role of a hero in case of emergencies if they know the right safety techniques. Training them about fire safety or any other safety protocols helps create a safe environment for your restaurant and its customers. Safety protocols are not always associated with accidents, they also include legal safety measures.

4. Better reviews

It’s an obvious fact that if your customers are treated well and taken care of they will add good reviews for your restaurant. This will increase your brand credibility and satisfied customer base. All you need to do is to instruct your restaurant workers properly.

5. Employee preparedness

Training your restaurant staff makes them prepared to tackle any difficult situation wisely from managing rush hours to customer complaints. They will always be confident in facing difficulties and guarantee smooth restaurant operations at any stage.

How to train restaurant staff members?

Here is a restaurant staff training checklist for you to create a strong restaurant team:

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1. Create a detailed restaurant staff training plan

Every restaurant should create a well-planned restaurant staff training program. It helps maintain coordination among all your restaurant staff.

Consider the following points to create a detailed restaurant staff training plan:
Mention the targets that you want your restaurant employees to fulfill.

Make sure that the targets you set are measurable so that you can determine if your plan is on the right track.

Create separate plans for multiple roles in your restaurant. In simple words, you need to make sure that the plan you create for your front staff is different from the plan you create for the ones who handle the backside of your restaurant.

2. Assign roles to your staff

Employees of a company or a restaurant often feel disappointed when they are given the responsibilities that are not relevant to their knowledge and skills. That is why task allocation among the staff is an important part of the restaurant staff training program.
While training your restaurant employees, keep the following things in mind:

  • Make sure you note down all the duties and responsibilities of the position you are training your staff for.
  • Do not forget to explain all the areas of his or her work.
  • Introduce each and every employee of your restaurant and their position to each other.

This will help your employees understand their roles and perform their duties with dedication.

3. Discover different types of restaurant training programs

Each person carries different abilities and has his or her own style of learning. Evaluate your employees on the basis of their data and performance in various training sessions. You can experiment with different methods of training like:

  • Requesting an experienced employee to explain a specific task.
  • Offering a detailed guide on their work and responsibilities.
  • Trying out the role-play method to see how they manage different situations.
  • You can arrange training meets regularly to allow your new employees to interact and know each other.

Experimenting with different staff training methods always helps improve your training styles and makes it easy for employees to grasp the right techniques.

4. Train restaurant staff to use the latest technology

In today’s fast-paced technologically advanced world, it is essential for every restaurant employee to know the latest technology that is currently in trend in the restaurant industry. That is why you must make it a part of your staff training program.

As the restaurant industry is flourishing and becoming more technology-dependent, many restaurants prefer automation technology and manage all restaurant operations online. During training sessions, you need to make sure that all your employees are familiar with the technology that you are using in your restaurant.

  • Demonstrate the technologies that you have adopted in your restaurant and how they work through detailed videos and podcasts.
  • Once they learn it, examine their skills to see if they are able to handle it in real-life applications.

5. Encourage teamwork

During your training session, let them understand the importance and strength of teamwork that helps deliver amazing results.

Try to show them an example of a real incident in your restaurant where your team worked together to handle a difficult situation and succeeded in it. All your restaurant operations are dependent on your staff so it is important for them to share a good bond and support each other in their work.

6. Focus on enhancing communication skills

Customer interaction at restaurants is not limited to accepting orders and delivering or serving the food items to their tables. It covers a lot more where a restaurant employee needs to create a memorable experience for their customers.

Starting from suggesting customers your restaurant’s special dishes to ensuring that their requirements are fulfilled, they need to take care of everything keeping a friendly smile on their faces. That is why grasping the skill of clear communication is crucial for your employees which must be added to the restaurant staff training program.

7. The art of managing customer complaint

Customer complaints can adversely affect your restaurant’s reputation if not handled properly. These are the things that can not be avoided even when you offer an amazing service at your restaurant.

So it is always good to prepare your staff to tactfully handle such situations.

Make sure you train them to:

  • Listen to the problems of your customers patiently.
  • Offer a suitable solution or compensation if needed.
  • Ensure that the customer feels important and valued during the process.

Train your employees to help them learn these techniques to deal with customer complaints.


How to train Cafe staff?

Follow the below-mentioned points to train your cafe staff:

  • Create a detailed staff training plan.
  • Assign roles to them.
  • Try out different training methods.
  • Train them to use the technology you use at your restaurant.
  • Encourage teamwork.
  • Enhance communication skills.
  • Educate them to professionally handle customer complaints.

Which method of training do most restaurants use?

The most common training methods for restaurant staff include group training, one-on-one or online.

How to motivate restaurant staff?

5 strategies to keep your restaurant employees motivated:

  • Team building activities.
  • Show them that you trust them.
  • Rewards.
  • Maintain a positive work culture and environment.
  • Share your feedback.

What are the challenges that come with training restaurant staff?

The common challenges that a restaurant owner may face while training their staff include:

  • A high turnover rate that makes it essential to accelerate the onboarding process.
  • Staff development.
  • Overcoming language barriers especially if you have multiple restaurants at different locations.
  • Coping up with the rapidly growing restaurant industry.
  • Being familiar with the latest restaurant technology.

Wrapping up

Your employees are an inseparable part of your restaurant and training them to handle any situation wisely and professionally is your duty. We hope that the above-mentioned techniques will help you train your staff with ease and also overcome the challenges that come in your journey.

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