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How to Choose the Best WordPress Online Food Ordering Plugin

Imagine a busy Friday night in your restaurant. Hungry people are making crowds at the counter. The tables are full. The aroma of your dishes fills the air. Your staff are moving from table to table to serve the guests. Amidst this buzzing scene, your phone rings off the hook and customers place delivery orders. Managing the delivery service without using an online food ordering plugin can soon become a nightmare.

Restaurant owners face a slew of problems while handling online orders manually. From inaccurate order details to missed orders, the challenges are endless. If you don’t use the right plugin, you are risking your restaurant’s reputation and may lose sales.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Online Food Ordering Plugin

Restaurant owners can find it overwhelming to choose the right food ordering plugin.

Fret not! In this blog, we will show you some result-driven tips to help you make the best selection to manage your food ordering process. Not only will it streamline the ordering and delivery process but also expand your reach and give you more customers.

Excited to know how? Scroll down.

How an Online Food Ordering Plugin Can Increase Your Customers?

Online Food Ordering Plugin Can Increase Your Customers

  • Expands Your Reach:  The online food ordering plugin can help you tap busy professionals from your neighboring offices seeking quick meals. Serving them will significantly increase your restaurant’s reach and loyal customer base.
  • Provides Unparalleled Convenience: Families can easily plan special dinners using your online order plugin. A hungry and tired customer who doesn’t want to visit any restaurant can also place an order with this plugin. Consequently, you will gain more word-of-mouth referrals.
  • Creates Exceptional Dining Experience: Features of the plugin like real-time order tracking and customization, can elevate your customer experience, helping you outperform your competitors.

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Let’s dive into the stats to get an idea.

What do the Stats Say? 

  • 70% of customers prefer to order food online.
  • Online food ordering has contributed to 40% of restaurant sales.
  • One in three US customers use an online food ordering system at least twice a week to get their food delivered.

Getting any online order plugin for food won’t help.

Today, you’ll get a list of companies on Google offering online food ordering plugins. Among them, which one should you pick?

Here’s the answer.

How to Choose the Best Online Food Ordering Plugin for Restaurants

An effective online food ordering WordPress plugin should have certain features. Consider these features while making the selection.

Online Food Ordering Plugin For Restaurants

Fully Responsive

A responsive WordPress food ordering plugin skyrockets a restaurant’s growth. The restaurants can increase their reach. As the menu is accessible from different devices, their customers can place orders from their laptops, tablets, and smartphones. They can place orders on the move. Such a level of convenience and flexibility provides users with an enjoyable experience, encouraging repeat business.

User-friendly Interface

A user-friendly interface of the online food ordering plugin is like a digital handshake that makes customers and restaurant owners feel comfortable. The restaurant owners can use such a plugin without any effort. They can easily add a menu, tweak settings, and set prices without seeking help from any tech guru.

For customers, it’s a smooth journey from start to finish. They can browse menus easily, customize their orders, and check out securely with a snap of their fingers.

Therefore, an online food ordering plugin with a user-friendly interface offers a win-win situation for all users. Restaurants can manage their online orders without a hitch and customers can have a hassle-free ordering process.


Eager to know the secret sauce for your online business? An SEO-optimized online food ordering plugin. It will increase your online visibility, helping hungry customers find your restaurant online easily. With better SEO, you can strengthen your brand identity and draw in new customers without spending on advertising.

For customers, an SEO-optimized food ordering plugin is like having a signpost leading them straight to your doorstep, ensuring that they’re not missing any of your delicious offerings.

In short, an SEO-friendly online food ordering plugin is a game-changer for restaurants. You can stand out in the crowded digital landscape using it and ensure that your restaurant will stay at the top of the search engine ranks.

Order Management Features

Another factor you should consider is whether your selected online food ordering plugin offers robust order management features. It should send real-time notifications, update the order status, and ensure easy order tracking. You should receive a notification immediately after the placement of a new order. The plugin should also allow customers to receive notifications about their order status, from preparation to delivery.

Moreover, an intuitive dashboard is also a must-have feature. If the plugin has an intuitive dashboard, restaurant owners can view, track, update, and fulfill their orders timely.

Secure Transactions

Secure transactions protect both restaurants and customers from unauthorized access and fraud. For customers, a secure transaction ensures that their personal and banking details will remain confidential. For restaurants, a secure transaction prevents fraudulent activities that could cause financial loss and affect their reputation. Therefore, implementing robust security measures is vital to maintain credibility and safeguard customers’ data.

Quality Support

An effective online food ordering plugin with quality support ensures you’re never left in the lurch. It’s like having a team of tech-savvy sous chefs at your behest to resolve your issues fast.

Being a restaurant owner, you may be juggling menus and orders. Suddenly, a technical hiccup threatens to interrupt your delivery service. With quality assistance, you can easily fix the issue and can again focus on what you do best- serving delicious dishes at the doorsteps.

Get the Online Order Plugin of WP Food Manager

Online Order Plugin Of Wp Food Manager

Want to grow your food business fast? Look no further! We recommend you use the Online Order plugin of WP Food Manager.

WP Food Manager is a free food business management plugin to help restaurants showcase their menus. The Online Order plugin of WP Food Manager has a range of advanced features to manage orders and serve your customers better.

Some of the features that make our Online Order plugin incomparable are:

Delivery availability checker

Suppose, a person is selecting his favorite dish from your online food menu to place his order. But, when he clicks on ‘Add’, it shows ‘Delivery is not available in your area’. Don’t you think it will be frustrating for him?

The Delivery Availability Checker is a crucial factor to consider when choosing an online ordering plugin for food. This feature will provide customers with the convenience of checking delivery options before placing their order. Not only does this feature improve customer experience but also reduces the chances of abandoned orders.

Real-time delivery tracking

Real-time delivery tracking ensures efficiency and transparency of a restaurant’s delivery service. You can reduce inquiries about order status by using our plugin for online ordering. Customers will get insight into delivery times. Moreover, it will help you better manage the delivery operations.

Topping options

Another great feature of our Online Order plugin is it allows customers to customize their toppings with our wide range of choices. They can personalize their meals to suit their dietary preferences and taste. From specific vegetables to extra cheese, they can tailor the food item to make it perfect for them.

Price breakup

Some food order WordPress plugins don’t have the price-breaking facility. The price breakup feature provides a detailed breakup of the price of the order including tax, delivery charges, etc.

With a detailed display of price breakup, customers can see what they’re paying for. It strengthens transparency and trust. Further, it eliminates the chances of seeing any additional charges at checkout.

WooCommerce integration

Our Online Order plugin has WooCommerce integration. WooCommerce offers a wide range of payment gateways to enable your customers to choose the payment method as per their convenience. Additionally, it ensures secure transactions.

However, you should have the core plugin WP Food Manager and WooCommerce. Apart from it, you also need some of our premium plugins namely Restaurant Manager, and Food Delivery, to use the Online Order plugin on your website efficiently.

How to Get Our Online Order Plugin?

Using our Online Order plugin is extremely easy. You just need to follow a three-step process, which is described below.

  • Install WP Food Manager.
  • Go to our sales page to purchase the Online Order plugin.
  • Install and activate the plugin.


The price of our Online Order plugin starts from $49. Along with the plugin, you will also get our top-notch customer support to enjoy a smooth experience.

Grab the opportunity to take your food business to the next level. Visit here to try our plugin today!

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best online food ordering plugin for your restaurant is crucial to driving the growth of your business. Consider factors like integration capabilities, real-time updates, and customer assistance to streamline your order delivery process smoothly. Therefore, take your time to do research properly before making any decision.