WP Food Manager Introduction: Everything You Need To Know

WordPress restaurant menu plugins have redefined the way restaurant management operations perform. WP Food Manager is one such plugin designed to make the restaurant management process easy online for every restaurant owner. In this WP Food Manager introduction, you will learn everything about the newly launched plugin.

WP Food Manager Introduction: Everything You Need To Know

It is a feature-packed WordPress plugin that allows restaurant owners to create an attractive food listing website with various additional facilities like online ordering, restaurant management, and more.

In this article, you will learn everything about the newly launched WP Food Manager plugin. Before diving into WP Food Manager, let us introduce you to restaurant menu plugins.

Note: WP Food Manager is a creation of WP Event Manager which is one of the leading event management plugin online.

Whether you own a cafe or a restaurant, this food business management plugin helps you streamline your operations online, allowing you to reach a wider audience.

What is a Restaurant Menu Plugin?

A restaurant menu plugin helps food business owners create a categorized list of their food items on their WordPress sites to help their customers know what they offer. Consequently, customers can browse your restaurant menu by visiting your WordPress site anytime and anywhere.

Why Is Having a Restaurant Menu Plugin Important?

Restaurant owners can use a restaurant menu plugin based on their requirements and budget. It helps them in the following way.

  • Enhances audience reach: A restaurant menu plugin increases your audience reach by enabling you to showcase your food menu online. As a result, potential customers can easily access your menu while searching for dining options.
  • Creates online identity: The restaurant industry is very competitive. You should have a strong online presence to build your brand’s identity on the web. Having a restaurant menu plugin can help you establish a digital presence without much effort.
  • Automated restaurant management operations: You can automate tasks like food listing, menu updates, online orders, and table reservations by using such a plugin.
  • Visibility on Google: Another important reason for using food manager plugins for food business owners is that it can improve their visibility on Google’s search results, enabling their customers to find their restaurant easily.
  • Boosts Sales: Using this plugin can help you create mouth-watering images with the food details, thus enticing your customers to place orders. This, in turn, will accelerate your sales and revenue.

Now, you know why it is crucial for your food business to use a restaurant menu plugin. But, there are certain other problems, which the restaurant owners face that also this plugin can solve. Before digging into this, let’s see the common problems food business owners face. 

Common Problems Food Business Owners Face

Common Problems Of Food Business

  • Embracing Technology: Staying updated with technical trends like online ordering and online delivery systems can be overwhelming for many food business owners as most of them lack technical knowledge. 
  • High Cost for Hiring Web Developers: Web developers charge high fees for building a custom restaurant website. Therefore, small restaurant owners often find it difficult to afford skilled web developers to work on their websites. 
  • Reaching New Customers: Reaching new customers is as important as retaining the old ones. Most restaurant owners face multiple challenges in grabbing new customers mainly because their online presence is not as strong as it should be. 
  • Customer Satisfaction: Identifying loopholes in the restaurants’ service and resolving them immediately is essential to get positive customer feedback.  Customer satisfaction is a journey that often gets affected due to a slow service, not-so-good customer management system, and more.

However, you can get rid of all the problems mentioned above by using a food manager plugin like WP Food Manager.

How Does WP Food Manager Help?

WP Food Manager is a feature-rich and scalable WordPress restaurant management plugin designed exclusively for food business owners. They can use this plugin to display their menu, accept orders, and sell their food items. Its simple coding structure makes it user-friendly. Therefore, you don’t need any technical bones to use the plugin.

Wp-Foodmanager Feature

Here are the ways through which WP Food Manager can help food business owners overcome the common challenges.

  • Easy-to-Use: Using the WP Food Manager plugin doesn’t require any coding knowledge. It’s user-friendly and can streamline restaurant operations without overwhelming the users. 
  • Eliminates the Need for Hiring Web Developers: WP Food Manager offers easy customization options. So, the users don’t need help from any web developer and can make the required edits themselves through setting options. In this way, this restaurant management plugin comes with a cost-effective solution for small food business owners. The plugin also offers template overriding facilities to make changes in them. Though it requires developers’ help, it can easily be done by them because of its simple coding structure.
  • Attract New Customers: The plugin is SEO-friendly. It optimizes your website for search engines and strengthens your online visibility. This, in turn, will help you gain new customers.
  • Satisfies Your Customers: It helps you automate restaurant options. Therefore, you can focus on the more important part- offering top-notch food and service to your customers. When you offer excellent service, you’re sure to satisfy your customers.

The WP Food Manager core plugin is free but for additional features you need to purchase its premium plugins. Check out the next segment to find out what other features you can add with the premium plugins.

Additional Features of WP Food Manager

  • Create a Marketplace: Helps you build a marketplace by listing other interested restaurants, cafes, and food delivery businesses. So, when the listed restaurants make a sale, you will earn a commission. In this way, it generates additional revenue for you.
  • Enables Customers to Reserve Tables: Allows you to increase seating efficiency by reducing no-shows and enabling the customers to book tables from anywhere and anytime. Ultimately, this will enhance your customers’ satisfaction. 
  • Instant Ordering: This lets your customers browse the food and the restaurants’ lists and place orders of their favorite food from their selected restaurant instantly. This, in turn, can enhance customers’ experience and double your sales.
  • Integration of Google Maps: Helps your customers find nearby restaurants to get their delivery faster.

Key Features of WP Food Manager

When we are talking about the WP Food Manager introduction, its features can not be missed. Here are the list of features that it carries.

  • Responsive Design: The plugin has a responsive design making it look pixel-perfect on mobiles, tablets, and computers.
  • Tailormade: You can customize your food menu according to the unique requirements of your restaurants.
  • SEO-Friendly: Your targeted audience can easily find you on search engines because this plugin is SEO-friendly.
  • Customizable Field Editors: Customize different fields of your food submission form without any coding knowledge.
  • Food Submission Preview: Preview your food before uploading it on your website and make the required edits.
  • Food Dashboard: Manage food items and lists with ease through this dashboard containing all the listed food details.
  • Compatible With Third-Party Page-Builders: WP Food Manager is compatible with different page-builders like Divi Builder, Elementor, etc.
  • Multi-Language Support: Translate the language of the plugin in your preferred language to understand the details clearly.
  • WooCommerce Integration: Strengthens the trust of your customers encouraging them to go for online payment without thinking twice.

You can use this plugin mainly to create and display food lists. Therefore, you need to include the addons to fully leverage the features of the plugin.

Addons of WP Food Manager

WP Food Manager offers various premium addons namely Restaurant Manager, Online Order, and Google Maps. Some addons are in their developing stage and they will soon be released.

1. Restaurant Manager

You can use this addon to add multiple restaurants and create a marketplace for different restaurant owners. Using this addon will let you create a restaurant submission form, which interested food business owners will fill out to list their business on your website. The Restaurant Manager addon helps you take control of the menus of each restaurant without any hassle.

Wordpress Restaurant Manager Addon

2. Online Order

Just displaying the listed restaurants and their menus won’t bring you sales directly. For that, you need to enable customers to place their orders online to increase your sales fast. That’s where the Online Order addon comes in. This online food ordering plugin/addon allows customers to place their orders online, make payments, and get the food delivered to their doorstep.

Wordpress Online Order Addon

However, our addon for the online delivery system is still in its developing stage and will soon be available to the restaurant owners.

3. Google Maps

Using Google Maps addon enables your customers to know the exact location of the displayed restaurants with a marker. This will help them find nearby restaurants where they can visit and dine.

Wordpress Google Maps Addon

Now, you may be wondering what you have to pay to avail the features of all these addons and plugins. That’s what we’re going to cover in our next section. Scroll down.


WP Food Manager is absolutely free However, for additional features like online ordering, restaurant management etc premium addons are there. Our premium add-ons are available in bundles and for individual purchase. The price of premium plugins start from $49. Keep in mind that only premium users can avail our round–the-clock customer support. They can reach us if they face any issues regarding the installation and use of the plugin/addon. However, we have lots of resources and documentation to help our free users too.

How to Get the Plugin?

The plugin is very easy to get. It’s only a three-step process, which is mentioned below.

  • Install WP Food Manager.
  • Purchase your preferred plugins/addons from our sales pages. 
  • Install and activate the purchased plugins/addons.


Being a new user, you may find it difficult to use the plugin effectively initially. Therefore, we have included many resources to help you get in-depth knowledge regarding the usage of the plugins. You can refer to the below-mentioned resources to learn more about the plugins.

Wordpress Foodmanager Documantation

  • Knowledge Base Sections.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • FAQs.
  • Developer Resources.

Wrapping Up

To sum up, we can say that WP Food Manager is more than just a plugin. It’s your ultimate partner to manage your food business online. From showcasing your food to enabling table reservations, this single plugin can do a lot to drive your sales. When you have such a plugin, you can focus on the most important thing- serving delicious food to your customers and making them delighted with your service.