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Existing Licence Key Activation

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The license key is a unique serial number that is shared with our users when they purchase the add-ons from us. With every purchase, they will receive a separate license key, this is done to prevent our plugins from any sort of piracy.

We share it on the registered email ID of our users, from where they may copy the key and paste it to the admin panel.

Steps to Activate the License Key

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to activate the license key:

  1. Using your login credentials, open your WordPress Admin account.
  2. Wordpress Admin Login

  3. Make sure you’ve Installed and activated the purchased plugin. If you don’t know how to install the purchased plugin, click here.
  4. Select the “Food Manager” option and click on “License
  5. Select License Option

  6. All your installed plugin lists will appear on the screen with two boxes marked as license and email.
  7. Installed Plugin Lists

  8. Enter the valid “License Key” and “Registered Email ID” in the respective boxes present in front of the plugin whose license you want to activate.
  9. Add License Key And Email Id

  10. Tap on the “Active License” button and your license key will be activated.
  11. Active License Button

Note : An invalid or expired license will not be considered and a pop-up message of “Activation Error” will come on the screen. In such a case, you are advised to re-check the entered details or renew the license from your registered account.
License Key Invalid Or Expired

Also, you can click here to retrieve the license key if you have lost it.

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