Google Maps

Make it easy for your customers to find your restaurant and access its basic details with the Google Maps add-on.

Google Map
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Features you’ll love

Elevate your customer’s dining experience at your restaurant

Location Marker

Location Marker

Highlight your restaurant’s location through a location marker on Google Maps.

Google Address Autocomplete

Google Address Autocomplete

Save time while searching for a restaurant as people do not need to type the entire name of the place they are searching on the map.

Filter and Search

Filter and Search

Get advanced search filters to help your customers quickly trace the restaurant they are looking for.

Improve your food website’s user experience with Google Maps

Making the journey to your restaurant stress-free for your customers

Quick Restaurant Search
Let your website visitors find your restaurant easily and quickly by using google maps.
Choose Distance Units
Mention distance units to filter and search restaurants that are situated within your specified distance.
Find Nearby Restaurant
Allow foodies find their nearest restaurants with the location they mention in the filter options.
Filter Restaurants by Status
Let website visitors filter restaurants based on their status: open or closed.
Restaurant Details Tooltip
Display major details of your restaurants including their timings, location etc and help visitors know about them.
Attractive Map View
Specify the type of map you want to display from various options like Satellite, Roadmap or Terrain.

No distance can keep foodies away from your restaurant

Let no distance stop your customers from reaching out to your restaurant


Ensure that your customers never get late for their breakfast by offering them the easiest way to reach your eatery.

Offer a flavour some lunch to your customers who stay near your restaurant

Let foodaholics fully enjoy their dinner without being worried about the hassle of finding your restaurant.

Be visible to all the people who are looking for delectable snacks near you.

Google Maps Addon Features

Maximize your restaurant’s visibility by making it available on Google Maps

Google Maps Styling Wizard

Glamorize Google Maps on your website with the styling wizard that helps you instantly catch site visitors’ attention.

Advanced Search Options

Simplify the process of searching for restaurants with multiple restaurant filters.

Quick Restaurant View

Give your website visitors the scope to view restaurant details quickly by clicking on the map icon present in each restaurant.

Radius Mapping

Let foodies mention the distance in km or miles within which they are looking for a restaurant.

Highlight Nearest Restaurants

Allow your customers to track nearby restaurants using the location-based restaurant filters.

Cluster Marking

Highlight multiple restaurants situated in the same area with cluster marking facility on Google Maps.

Zooming Restaurant Location

Zoom in and zoom out restaurant location on the map using the mouse wheel.

Choose Map Type

Personalize Google maps on your website by selecting your preferred map type.

Sort Restaurants with Status

Let your customers know if your restaurant is open or closed.


Finding the Nearest Restaurants

Finding the Nearest Restaurants

When you have a Google Map on your food website, it becomes easy for your customers to find local restaurants. All they have to do is to mention the location on the filters section while searching for a restaurant and Google Maps will show them all the nearby restaurants.

Distance-based Restaurant Search

Distance-based Restaurant Search

The Google Maps addon allows users to spot restaurants that falls under a specific distance. Here, a person needs to mention the distance in miles or kilometers within which they are looking for a restaurant. For example a person can look for a restaurant that comes within 10 kms of the place

Restaurants Filter

Restaurants Filter

With Google Maps, website visitors can access the list of all restaurants based on their preferred filters. Filters are created to make the restaurant search easy and fast for everyone who comes to your website to look for suitable restaurants on Google Maps. It highly improves user experience on your site.

Google Address Autocomplete Feature

Google Address Autocomplete Feature

The address autocomplete feature makes the search process faster as users do not need to type the entire name of the place in which they are searching for a restaurant. By typing only the first two or three letters, it can predict and suggest the places that you probably want to type in.

Single Restaurant Details

Single Restaurant Details

One of the most amazing features of the Google Maps plugin is that it not only offers visibility to your restaurant on Google Maps but also allows you to add and display major details of each of your restaurants.

Google Maps JSON Style

Google Maps JSON Style

You can give your preferred appearance to your Google Maps on your website to personalize it, The Google Maps styling wizard tool helps you make changes to the overall layout of Google Maps and flaunt it in your style on your food website

Google Maps General Settings

Google Maps General Settings

The General Settings option allows you as an admin to add your preferences on Google Maps. Here, you have the right to enable or disable several options like Google address autocomplete and set your language preference, location marker and more.

Google Maps Search Form Settings

Google Maps Search Form Settings

As the name suggests, the search form settings lets you customize the search form based on your preferences. Here you get options like Google address autocomplete, radius, map width, map height, map types and more.

Google Maps Single Page Settings

Google Maps Single Page Settings

The feature allows you to decide if you want to display a Google map on the Single restaurant page and also customize the map width, height, types, and more. There are an endless number of possibilities to customize your Google Maps as per your taste with the setting options.

Frequently Asked Questions

Google Map Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Licence Keys Work?

After completing the payment process, you will instantly receive a license key through your email from us. The license key needs to be activated to start working with your purchased plugin.

Do You Offer Updates for Your Plugins?

Yes, the plugins you purchased will be updated automatically till your subscription period ends.

Will You Offer Support in Case I Face Any Issues with the Plugin I Purchased?

Yes, we do offer support to all the buyers of our premium plugins during their subscription period.

Do I Need to Renew My License?

Your license is valid for 1 year from the date of your purchase. After that if you want to keep enjoying our plugins along with its updates, you need to renew your license.

Am I allowed to Use Your Plugins on Multiple Sites?

Yes you can. However, it depends on the plan you purchase from us. Our plugin plans are available for 1,3, 5, 10 and unlimited sites. When it comes to the core plugin you can use it on as many sites as you want as it is free.